I am delighted that you are visiting my website.

My name is Anna Błaszczyk and I am the owner and designer of LUMIO brand. I live and work in Łódź and it is here, in the centre of Europe, where I dream my dream of a less complicated life.

Lumio came into being as a result of a dream not to divide life into the professional and private one and to blend everything that is important to me in one place. I have been creating unobvious textiles and original home accessories in my private studio since 2011. At the beginning I concentrated on the production of openwork patterned carpets to ultimately find my creative way back to the roots.

I combine history with modernity. I am a third generation associated with textiles and thus my studio is a continuation of the family tradition. I grew up in an atmosphere of respect for the work of human hands and that is why an ethical approach to the production process is so important to me. I had no doubt deciding that Lumio products will be manufactured locally, with the usage of traditional craft techniques. I create my products from linen, which plays an important role in the history of Polish textile manufacture. This inconspicuous plant with blue flowers is a real natural wonder. Linen is one of the most ecological raw materials. For many years, its cultivation and processing has been executed in the same unchanged and natural way. Traditional does not mean boring. For my projects I chose the most delicate form of linen fabric - muslin. Already in ancient times ethereal, slightly transparent linen muslin was a synonym of absolute luxury and refined taste. The fabric is extremely soft and fluid; it has a unique texture and is nothing like traditional, stiff linen, we all know. I am fascinated by the plasticity of this fabric and its great power to create unforgettable mood and transmit emotions. It certainly is a grey eminence of design. In my work I often refer to art and paintings and draw my inspiration from the richness of colours and forms it has to offer and that is why, concept of textiles proposed by me enables creation of unique visions.

The road to the place where I am now was long and tortuous. For many years I shared the fate of most citizens of large European cities. I was related to a large business, lived fast and rather inattentively, constantly missing... myself. Therefore I am very grateful for the day, in which the simplest became the obvious choice. Not everything in the modern world puts a smile on my face and obviously I do not have the power to change the world, but I believe that the sum of small decisions we make every day can change a lot.

I give a lot of heart to my fabrics, but the most important place in my heart belongs to my son, whom I thank for his presence in my life and always being there for me.


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